Multi-Orgasmic Mary's Interracial Creampies #18

Released at: July 13, 2007 by Frogbutt Productions
This is another two-segment tape. In the first part I get with one of my long time lovers, for what has become a standard evening for us whenever we get together. First hub prepares ME, then gets HIM ready, finally he guides my lovers cock into me, then he goes back to his camera,,,good hub! After my lover cums, hub licks my pussy clean and then he dips his wick for a bit. Watching this got my lover sparked up again, so he just takes me back from my hub. We tried to get both of their cocks in my puss but it wasn't happening so we called it a night. In the second segment there's lots of sucking, by me and my hub. After hub guides him into me I realized maybe we shouldn't have spent so much time on the sucking, but at least his big black cock was in me when he let go of his load, leaving hub with a really nice creampie to clean up. It was taped with 3 cams, 2 static and 1 handheld.

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