Multi-Orgasmic Mary's Interracial Creampies Vol. #19

Released at: July 13, 2007 by Frogbutt Productions
This encounter marks the first time my hub prepared one of my lovers, while the other one was in the room watching. The video starts out with me kissing one of my lovers, then we move on to him feeling me up, just when were getting into it, the phone rings. My other lover is about 10 minutes away, so we go back to what we were doing. I grab my lovers cock and ask hub to get it hard for me, of course he complies, once it's good and ready I instruct him to insert it for me. After a bit of fucking I tell him to take it out and suck it some more, then put it back in. My lover deposits a load so big that I don't even have to squeeze it out, in fact it runs out of me so thick, yet fast, that it's a race for my hub to catch it,,,but he does, he starts at the bottom and licks from my ass cheek to my clit, and when he pulls away it's all gone. During all this, my second lover shows up, hub tends to him too, I even have to tell him to speed it up and get him hard. After some more prepping he's ready, hub guides him in me, we fuck for awhile then we switch to doggie, with hub underneath eating my puss and getting slapped by my lovers balls till he cums inside me, and drops some on hubs face while pulling out. It was taped with 3 cams, 2 static, 1 handheld, and runs: 47 minutes.

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