My New Sweet Peach

Released at: January 3, 2008 by Randy De Troit
Found her on the side of the road, while perusing the area known in Southern California as Sun Valley. The area is similar to Death Valley in that the hot Cali sun beats down like a motha, but not quite as fatal. She was just walking along the road, heading towards 7-11 to get her early morning caffeine fix when I swooped her up in my new Hummer that glimmers in the morning light. She smiled at first, and then I rolled down the window and said your chariot awaits my lady. She's Mexican but doesn't speak more than two words. Originally from New Mexico and wound up in foster care. She's got a beautiful smile and is wondrous about the world and especially Southern Cali having been locked away in a remote part of the country for so lone. Well lo and behold, she was interested in taking off her clothes and riding my jones; I mean this isn't rocket science guys, and who knows those idiots at Cape Canaveral could learn a thing or two here anyway. SO she jumps in the Hummer and we go back to my place, she had her ID's on her already so that wasn't a drawback like in most new girls. SO I scanned the ID's and took her upstairs to Studio 'A' and we began some photo taking with clothes on at first then later off little by little. She didn't have any lingerie or even cute underwear so I opened my bag of tricks and she dug out what she wore in this scene. She has huge watermelon titties and she kissed really well so that made my jones jump out my pants and in her mouth post haste. She was creative with her sucking as most girls don't really try that hard, but she was a champ in the ring of sex. She was inhibited about her flabby stomach at first so we covered it with some cloth draping. She felt better and actually forgot completely about it as I worked my cock into her sweet pussy. It wasn't too tight at first because she was really excited, but it tightened up after the juices dried up and my boner just kept getting harder. We moved into doggie and well the rest is history and you really need to catch this one. Don't know if I'll see her again ever. She is married to a moron who doesn't want her to do porn. Oh well. 45 minutes of fame is all you get until further notice!

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