My Professor Is A Monster Fucker

Released at: September 21, 2022 by SydneyScreams4u
After a long day of teaching classes and grading papers, Professor Sydney Screams comes home to relax and unwind. But what she didn't expect is a tentacle monster in her bedroom! Intrigued and unable to stop herself, Professor Sydney starts to suck on the tentacle, letting it fill her mouth as she begins to undress. The strange tentacle monster probes her mouth as she takes it as far down her throat as she's able but sucking on it isn't enough for this horny professor!! She lays back and lets the tentacle monster fill her fat, hairy, wet pussy. Professor Sydney can't contain herself as the tentacle fills her pussy, causing her to moan in pleasure. Once the previously shy and timid professor, Sydney finds herself overcome with desire to be fucked over and over and over again by the tentacle monster.

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