My Step-Daughter's Secret Diary

Released at: December 26, 2019 by Girlsway
Mona Wales is doing laundry for the family, including her step-daughter, Riley Reid. However, the mundane chore takes an interesting turn when she discovers Riley's diary in the laundry basket. Confused but intrigued, Mona can't resist opening it up and taking a peek. Gianna Dior barely moved more than a few steps into the home when her step-mother, Natasha Nice, hurries over, greeting her. Natasha asks how her favorite step-daughter's day was and compliments her on how nice her hair looks, clearly buttering her up for something. After discovering her step-daughter on, Dana DeArmond gasps to herself. She shakes her head and closes her laptop halfway when something stops her. She slowly reopens the laptop fully. Hesitantly, she begins to watch the video, and before long, she can't resist masturbating, rubbing her pussy until she cums!

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