Naughty Navaya

Released at: February 21, 2019 by Smoking Females
Navaya Babylon with Brendon and the Voices of Erin and "P". Brooke's REAL-LIFE DAUGHTER, Navaya, gets NAUGHTY and NASTY in this DVD! She starts out smoking a VS120 and sucking on a lolipop. Then she moves on to smoking a VS120 and sucking on a hard cock! She then gets naked on her knees and continues to give the guy a nice sexy and sloppy smoking blowjob until her pretty face gets sprayed with Brendon's nasty, gooey cum! Navaya has really learned to be a hot, sexy slut and a dirty little filthy whore, just like her Mom, Brooke! It looks like Brooke taught her daughter VERY well! You get to see all the nasty action from two camera angles. This is a HOT video, especially if you are a fan of Brooke's daughter! Mostly live audio with dubbed music. Nudity, graphic language, explicit sex. NOT AVAILABLE OUTSIDE THE US.

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