No Man's Land Interracial Edition 2

Released at: September 8, 2000 by No Man's Land
Fabulous Felecia and Delicious Dee head up a multi-racial coalition of some of the most beautiful and ethnically diverse women in porn, for this special edition of No Man's Land - Interracial Edition, Volume 2!!!AVN 2004 Award Winner: Best All-Girl Series.The No Man's Land series has, through volumes and volumes of high-octane sapphic erotica, established itself in the pantheon of porn masterpieces through an unbeatable combination of gorgeous girls, superior production values and the driving erotic vision of director Tom Stone. This installment adds a further delicious layer to the mix, a combination of girls representing various ethnic backgrounds and racial designations.The action is every bit as fervent and real as we've seen in previous volumes, but the proceedings are further spiced up by the inclusion of several absolutely mouth-watering young exotics, including Latina love goddess Felicia, Puerto Rican hard-bodied porn diva Dee and the sultry soul Sistas Bronze and India. The screen explodes with a heady combination of skin tones as the girls have at it, and the result is an addition to this hell-fire line that its many, many fans won't want to miss.

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