Our Little Secret

Released at: September 2, 2022 by House of Fyre
You're at a company conference and are in your hotel room after a long morning of seminars when your coworker walks in. She says she's sure she has the right room, so the hotel must have double-booked. She really needs a nap and reluctantly says the bed is big enough for both of you. When you come back from the bathroom, she's already on the bed... and she's wearing a thong. She apologizes for the only outfit she could find, and for being cranky about having to share a room. Then she starts complimenting you on your presentation and on the well-written reports she receives at work. She starts getting turned on and explains that she likes organized people and has a bit of a fetish for data. She's so turned on, in fact, that she wants to suck your dick. You would definitely like that. Before she can get into position for sex though, she notices a ring on your finger. She gestures to her ring and shrugs. You're in a completely different state, and it's not like there's going to be any drama. It's just sex. You think it's kind of hot that she didn't make a big deal of it. Your horny, sexy, redhead coworker just wants your cock. She needs an orgasm before she can nap, so she gets into position and you watch her big breasts as you pound her. Then she flips around for doggystyle. She suggests one of her favorite positions that's kind of like doggystyle, then she slides down for prone bone. She's thoroughly enjoying herself, and she cums on you in cowgirl, milking your cock until she pulls you out and jerks you to orgasm.

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