Pain Pets #2

Released at: May 16, 2005 by Noose Video
Young flesh taking the journey through masochism to pleasure! Mischievous minxes Amber and Jaslynn have been wanting to stick their fingers into 18 year-old pretty Ava for a long time. One problem. The youthful blonde is the "personal property" of the wicked mistress D'Arcy. The girls find Ava naked and kneeling, alone in one of the dungeon chambers in the Royal Castle in Philadelphia. And? They cannot resist the temptations of the flesh. They have their way with the young love slave, and of course, the mean mistress catching them in their lustful acts. There's hell to pay as D'Arcy punishes Amber and Jaslynn for "touching her property", and then turns the full thrust of her anger towards her little angel, Ava. The result is a session of erotic punishment giving that leaves Ava's shaved pussy actually dripping with joy.

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