Pantyhose Vixens

Released at: August 18, 2014 by Jewell Marceau Productions
Akira Lane is dressed for a sexy night in and is planning on fulfilling her date's every fantasy. He doesn't show and a frustrated Akira takes matters in her own hands and soon has her pantyhose totally soaked as she gets off several times. Capri Cavanni and Nicole Oring are in bed together and masturbating side by side in gussetless pantyhose with lots of penetration and rubbing. Nicole finds a Hitachi wand under the pillow and soon the girls are doing each other. Melissa Jacobs strips off her lingerie leaving just her pantyhose and wonderful body on display. She gets right down to business and tells you to pull out your cock and join in as she buries two fingers deep into her pussy. Nicole Oring sneaks into Akira's bedroom to try on a pair of pantyhose. Her hands drifts inside her pantyhose and she fingers herself deeply. As she gets more aroused, she fills her pussy with additional fingers and starts to cum so loudly that she has to clamp a hand over her mouth. Soniya Lei and Veronica Vyhnes are on the couch comparing pantyhose and the going gets pretty wild. Soniya wants to see how Vernoica masturbates and it goes from there and soon Veronica has several fingers in her pussy with Soniya's help. They then both play with themselves to climax.

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Akira Lane

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