Peepshow Loops 271: '70s, '80s (All Color)

Released at: September 27, 2010 by Blue Vanities
Classic vintage stag films, American and European porno loops, arcade nude, and strippers. Blue Vanities presents the greatest and hottest films from the 1920's to the 1980's. An exciting nostalgia trip that Includes: 1. MASTER PIECE, 1f-1m, Collection #92 (Kevin James) 2. HOT IRON, 1f-1m, Collection #93 3. CONDO FEVER, 1f-1bm, Collection #94 (Rene LaPaz, King Paul) 4. BABBETTE II, 1f-1m, Collection #100 (Robin Everette, Mike Horner) 5. MUSEUM PIECE, 1f-2m, Collection #109 (Robin Everette, Mike Horner) 6. ROBIN'S TALENT, 1f-1m, Collection #162, Big Tits (Ron Jeremy) 7. CLASS ACT, 1f-1m, Collection #53 8. A NOVEL APPROACH, 1f-1m, Collection #166, Big Tits (Pam Lock) 9. A SLIDE DOWN HIS BANNISTER, 1f-1m, Collection #178 10. GIGGLE AND GROAN, 1f-1m, Collection #200 (Linda Wong) 11. AQUA SEX, 1f-1m, Collection #211 (Ron Jeremy) 12. AFTERNOON COCKTALE, 1f-1m, Collection #88 (Kelly Nichols) 13. BE MY VALENTINE, 1f-1bm, Collection #95 14. HOT LINDA I, 1f-1bm, Collection #16 (Leslie Bovee) 15. HOT LINDA II, 1f-1bm, Collection #17 (Leslie Bovee)

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