Pick Up Lines #50

Released at: September 1, 2000 by Silverstone Entertainment
This 50th edition of **Pick Up Lines** is full of golden treats. During a videotaping, hot Hungarian model Brandy seduces the randy cameraman and gets her ass fucked! Beautiful models Ashley and Sandy fuck each other with strap-ons and vibrators, till Ashley takes a facial from a squirting dildo! Yvete, a luscious model with awesome breasts, fucks her lucky boyfriend right on the couch. Talk about luck- as two stiffs are cleaning her pool, irrepressible Caroline chases them down and has her way with both of them. Ariel and Shilo are a darling real-life couple. Fucking in the Jacuzzi, she inspires two ejaculations! Photographer Mark gets luckiest of all, picking up two babes on one photo shoot. He makes make-up artist Dee and nails model Silvia right in the ass! This is one happy 50th!

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