Pleasure Puppet

Released at: May 30, 2020 by Lakeview Entertainment
Mistress London makes this submissive's balls burn and ass sore during a 50-minute exercise in tease and denial control. A military look combined with lots of facesitting make his dick stand at attention before She rubs hot sauce on his nuts and fucks him to orgasm. She takes him from behind in the second scene and massages his sore prostate with Her rubber cock. Mistress London, 5'6" and 130 lb. ex-Marine is dressed to dominate as slave woody lies lashed to the cross on the floor. She sits on him and humbles him under Her high heel and then stands to have him worship Her knee socks. His hard cock gets plenty of attention as She smothers his face and orders him to clean Her ass. The slave's cock never droops despite nipple clamps and harsh treatment beneath Mistress London. Mistress London applies the shock device to the submissive's swollen balls and sucks and teases his cock. She rubs HEAT, hot salve, on his balls and then mounts him. The slave is too excited in Her pussy and shoots his load in the condom. She removes the rubber, pours it into a bowl and feeds him his own cock juice. Time for a prostate massage as Mistress London has slave woody over the kneeler. He is an ass virgin so He starts out slow and his cock swallows Her dildo. She uses the vibrator on each of his balls after tying them up tight. His ass starts to grip the dildo as his excitement increases. She puts Her strap-on on and orders him to suck cock. After She fucks his face, She moves to insert Her love missile in his now loosened ass. Her excitement increasing as his ass bucks around Her strap-on, Mistress London lashes Her submissive with the whip and fucks him deep. She grows warm and removes Her blue bra. Her muscles bulge and Her lean body jams the red dildo in and out for some time. She withdraws finally and has him on his back for a bit of tease and denial after his prostate massage. Her warm lips pleasure his cock and She spanks his balls to punish him for enjoying the lip service.

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