Pocket Rocket Time

Released at: April 12, 2009 by James Girls
**Hollie Stevens:** Every time Hollie is in my area she stops by to play with toys. This time it is a pocket rocket with about 8 different speeds and routines. Hollie gives it a workout and ends up having a thundering orgasm. **Nikki:** Nikki is one of the best masturbators I have ever shot. She loves to do it in front of the camera. She comes over and over and over. I have shot video of her cumming 7 times in one afternoon. It only takes a few short minutes for the Pocket Rocket to get Nikki off. This is orgasm #3 for the afternoon. **MaKayla:** MaKayla plays with the eight speed vibrator and manages to get herself off three times in 11 minutes. There are lots of great close-ups of her meaty pussy getting teased and pleased with the pocket rocket.

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