Pony Girl Fuck Toy

Released at: April 7, 2009 by Allusion Studio
Giddyup!! Get ready for a wild west fuck-fest as big as the Grand Canyon, and bold as an ace in the a-hole! Watch sadistic Doms break the naughty tattooed philly-sluts in this hardcore adventure full of butt plugs, blowjobs, and girl-on-girl hog-tied hi jinks! See the pony girl fuck toys get trained, punished, and fucked hard in their pink wet pussies with massive strap-ons, lubed-up toys, and real throbbing cocks! You are guaranteed to blow your wad while these cunts are throat-gagged into total submission! Jack off to pony girl pussy eating and fill your ten-gallon hat with loads of hot cum! Don't miss Pony Girl Fuck Toy!!

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