Punish The Pretty Boy

Released at: February 24, 2011 by Lakeview Entertainment
An Amazon blonde runs amok on the pretty muscle boy for 60 minutes. Mistress Christina stands almost six and a half feet tall. Her long legs and fit body apply themselves to fucking Sebastian mentally and physically. His cock is teased and punished as he lies in the chair and then he is made to follow harsh orders for physical discipline from his Mistress as she towers over him in black shiny boots. Who wouldn't like a blonde Amazon standing over your face, with big natural breasts swinging from her red leather corset? Slave Sebastian was fastened on his back and Mistress Christina had him huffing her panties and licking her asshole clean to show him who was boss right off the bat. Humbling this pretty boy and ordering him to rim her asshole clean was only the start of his degradation at the hands of the model beautiful Mistress Christina. Long nylon covered legs in black heels strutted as Mistress Christina warmed him up a bit with the whip. She was after his cock and wanted it inside of her but first he had to taste some torment from the clover clamps on his nipples. Those really hurt and she really enjoyed his face as she straddled him. She tied up his balls and sucked his cock a bit to take his mind off the pain she had inflicted on his sensitive bits. His cock had started to grow in her talented mouth and she wanted it firmer. Out came the cock pump and the big blonde pumped the cock into the vacuum tube as a small smile played on her face. She knew his balls were sticking out and helpless and started to beat them with the red cock whip. She lashed them until he was yelping like a scalded dog and then beat the inside of his thighs with the hard palette spanker. Her mouth went to work giving him pleasure after the punishment and his cock had to respond. She did not want a hard cock to go to waste so she straddled him and seized it in her pussy. Mistress Christina finished astride Sebastian and had the oral urge. She sucked the pretty bound boy's cock and stuck her pussy, still wet from the drippings off his cock, over his face. The gag in his mouth prevented him from licking but that did not stop his nose from smelling the odor of the Amazon's pussy. She moved between his legs and sucked him hard and long. Next, in the dungeon, she has changed outfits and is towering over him in black shiny high heel boots. She makes him do pushups as She steps on him. The blonde Amazon continues to make slave Sebastian perform physical duty as she towers over him in her boots and mirrored sunglasses. Her spikes find his back as he does pushups and then he is subjected to considerable slapping. Now for the sit ups- right into her pussy as she spreads her legs wide. She grabs the back of his head and pulls him in tight to her twat and then slaps his face as he comes up, confusing him. Now for some face sitting and smother as her leather boots creak as She plants her pussy on his face. The pretty boy is made to withstand more exercise orders from Mistress Christina. She stands crop in hand, almost six and a half feet tall in her black shiny boots. His balls stretch as he does squats and then he is ordered to lick her armpits clean before being humiliated and ridden as her pony. Finally, horny from all the obedience she was receiving from the pretty boy, she uses him as her tongue slave. Her booted legs are like huge wings as they spread and he licks her just as he has been shown. She orgasms and cries out. Her face is still rosy from pleasure as she orders him to face the wall, laughs and leaves him alone with the taste of her twat in his mouth.

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