Rachel Steele Classics Volume 30

Released at: May 10, 2011 by Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 - DD Threesome
Rachel is talked into a threesome with Jessica and her boyfriend. Rachel knows he has been eyeballing her, and she has not had sex in a long time. The women dress in sexy lingerie. He brags to his buddy outside their door about what he is about to do. When he enters, they are ready for him. They take his clothes off and start stroking his already hard cock. Rachel oils it up and puts her tits in his face. Jessica strokes his balls. Rachel cannot resist his cock and takes it in her mouth. Jessica joins her. They lick his cock side by side. He moans. He takes his cell phone out and starts snapping pictures to show his buddy. Rachel tells him it is rude, but she smiles for the camera with his cock in her mouth. They jerk him faster, wanting to drain his balls. He is ready to cum. Rachel tells him to stand and shoot all over their tits. When he is done, Rachel asks him for the phone to delete the pictures. He laughs and refuses.

Scene 2 - Make Her Suck My Cock
Rachel has been sucking off the young men in her neighborhood. One afternoon, a young man who she had been with once came back for more. Rachel told him she was married and was not doing that anymore. He insisted she not only blow him but she get sexy Jessica to do it with her. Rachel told him no. He threatened her with some pictures he had. Rachel lived very comfy now with her new husband, so she agreed and started sucking his cock. He told her to go get their third member. Rachel brought Jessica into the room. Jessica did what she asked. Rachel opened her blouse and climbed up on the couch, smothering him with her tits. Jessica got on her knees and sucked and jerked him. The two women licked the sides of his cock together, paying close attention to the head. Jessica pulled her DD tits out for him to play with. They jerked him off into Jessica's mouth. Rachel told her to swallow it, and she did. They kissed, and Jessica transferred the cum left in her mouth to Rachel. They told him they were even, but he laughed and said maybe.

Scene 3 - Daughter's Boyfriend is a Loser
Rachel does not like her daughter's boyfriend. He is crashed on her couch. Her daughter does not believe he could do any wrong. Jessica is resting in the next room, so Rachel goes to work on her boyfriend. Rachel opens her shirt buttons, and he grabs at her breasts. Rachel asks if he wants to suck on them, and he jumps at the chance to bury his head in her cleavage. She tells him to drop his pants, she wants to see his huge cock Jessica is always talking about. Rachel takes his huge cock in her mouth and sucks his cock and balls. She really works his cock over, paying attention to every part of it. It is the best blowjob he has ever received, and he is trying to make it last. Rachel works him over quick, causing him to lose it in her mouth. Just then, Jessica walks in and sees Rachel on the floor wiping his cum from her chin. Rachel stands up and tells her that she told him he could not be trusted. Jessica is sad that another boyfriend has cheated on her, buy decides to play the same game as her and seduce Rachel's boyfriend. She opens her shirt and asks if her breasts are good enough. She asks him to suck them and he does. She tells him she wants to suck his cock. He drops his pants, and she goes to work. He tells her she is perfect and she starts to work his cock faster. Rachel walks in and sees them on the couch. Shocking them both, Rachel walks over and joins in sucking his cock. They switch back and forth on his cock until he is ready. Rachel jerks his cock at the same time she is up on the couch with her tits in his face, and he is fingering her hard. Rachel orders him to suck her tits harder. This excites him more. Rachel becomes aggressive with him. When he is ready to blow, Rachel talks nasty to him and he shoots a HUGE load all over himself and Rachel's hand. Rachel tells him to get the fuck out for good!

Scene 4 - Wait Until I Get Home!
Rachel had a long day at the office and could not wait to get home to unwind. Rachel has a strange way to do that. She has a young man cuffed to her bed with his legs tied to a spreader bar naked. For her, a good tease session is the best stuff there is. He gets hard as soon as she walks in the room. She knows the power she has over men. Rachel takes off her suit jacket. He gets harder. She sits next to him and tells him about her day and her harassing boss. This is why she loves to play with men and be in control. Removing her blouse, she shows off her tits in a tight corset. His cock begins to jump. She knows she could make him cum without even touching him. He starts to squirm and thrust his hips. He is full of cum. Rachel ever-so-sweetly goes down on him after a few soft strokes. He is breathing so heavy; Rachel knows how bad he wants to please her. She sits over his cock and opens her wet pussy for him. Rachel puts the head in between her pussy lips and teasingly asks him to fuck her. He cannot reach. She slides down his body, teasing him with sexual questions and staring into his eyes. He is at her mercy. She needs the release of his cum, so she slides him into her hot trash talking mouth. He whimpers, but is not to cum until she lets him. Finally she jerks him with both hands fast and tells him to shoot the biggest load he can just for her. He screams as he cums, and Rachel has had her relief. She puts her face next to his exploding cock and watches as it shoots all over her tits. There is so much, it covers his stomach. She plays with the cum, dipping both breasts in it. He is completely out of it. Rachel is happy now.

Scene 5 - Wife Takes Charge
Rachel had been shopping at the sex store for some items to spice up her sex life with hubby. He was watching TV as usual. She changed into her new nightgown and bedroom slippers. She came into the living room and twirled around for him. He told her she was in the way of the TV. Rachel said they needed to spend a romantic evening together, he refused. She sat down disappointed but prepared for the answer she knew he would give. Time to take control she thought. Rachel picked up a pair of handcuffs and cuffed him quickly. She taped his mouth shut and whipped out a huge vibrator. When she oiled up his cock he grew as hard as ever! She titty fucked him and sucked the head of his cock. He moaned as this was a different Rachel than he knew. She put the vibrator on his cock and moved it down between his legs stimulating his taint and ass. He was in shock at how aggressive she was. He loved it. She lay next to him and gave him a nice slow teasing hand job. He was ready to explode. Rachel knew he was ready and told him he could cum in her mouth. She never did that for him. He shot a huge load in her hot mouth. They were both satisfied. No more TV that night.

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