Rachel Steele - Classics Volume 36

Released at: March 24, 2013 by Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 - Lick My Ass Mom Billy and his mom were home one afternoon. Billy was practicing his putting. His mom came in and saw how good he was. She asked him to show her how to putt. Billy's mom was a tall blonde bombshell. Billy knew how hot she was but never had the nerve to do anything. She bent over to putt; Billy reached around her to correct her form. Her ass was moving back and forth against his cock. Billy grew hard. She turned around to say something and Billy grabbed her. Jillyann immediately told him how wrong his actions where but Bill kept groping at her. Jillyann began to get excited. The sex with her husband was infrequent and dull. She tried to stop him but he would not. Billy reached inside her top and pulled her tits out. He bent her over the table and felt her ass. Jillyann arched her back to show him how perfect her ass was. They both stripped off their clothes. Jillyann took Billy by the face and gave him a deep slow French kiss. Billy was so turned on. He pushed her to her knees and showed her his hard cock. Jillyann sucked it and jerked it passionately. Billy bent her over again and opened her ass cheeks. He licked he asshole clean. Jillyann had never had this done before. She in turn licked his asshole as well. Billy let his mom continue to suck him off. They had to hurry before Dad came home. Billy and his mom Jillyann had finally given in to their wildest dreams. After a lot of sexual foreplay, Billy took his mom over the table and slid his throbbing cock in her wet pussy. She screamed out his name as he pounded her. Billy made her admit out loud that he was a better fuck than his dad. She said it. Billy fucked her fast and hard. He was ready to cum but he wanted to cum on her. He pushed her to her knees again and she sucked him deep. They lay on the floor together and he jerked his cum on his mom's pretty face and tits. Jillyann looked at the time and realized her husband was due home. They jumped up and frantically got dressed. Her husband walked in just as she was pulling her jeans up. He did not suspect a thing. Things would never be the same again. Scene 2 - My Jealous Wife and the Tramp Next Door Rachel lives a wild sexual lifestyle. She has men in and out at all hours. Rachel has loud parties all night. She struts around in public in very skimpy clothes turning all the husband's heads. The next door neighbor's wife has had it. She ordered her husband Brian to go talk to Rachel and have her stop the madness. Brian secretly fantasized about Rachel and wished his wife was not so prude. He arrived at Rachel's and told her his dilemma. She invited him in. they sat down. Rachel listened to him and told him she would never change, especially for a flat chested little prude. Rachel interrupted him and told him she was going to suck his cock. She threw a leg over and rubbed his crotch. Brian tried to resist reminding her he was happily married. Rachel unzipped his pants and sucked his cock. His wife never did that. Rachel stripped of her clothes and put her tits in his face. She saw his hard cock and sat on it jumping up and down fucking him. Rachel screamed out his name as her fucked her so the wife could hear. Brian had never had sex like that before. Rachel came on his cock then licked her juices off it. He fucked her again on the ottoman. Rachel finished him off with a deep throat blowjob and he came in her mouth. As Rachel licked cum of her fingers she told Brian to say hello to his prude wife. Scene 3 - I Told You So Rachel heard Chris on the phone with his bitch of a girlfriend. He was very upset when he hung up. Rachel came in and asked what happened. Chris told her she broke up with him. Rachel hated this girl. She took advantage of him. Rachel knew she had to cheer him up and make him forget all about her. Chris is 20 and always thought Rachel was hot. He did not know she thought he was hot as well. This was the perfect time for her to make her move. She hugged him pulling his face into her huge tits. Rachel told him his girlfriend did not appreciate his sex either. She ran her hand across his crotch, he was hard. Rachel slid his hand up her skirt. He felt her wet pussy and fingered her until she came. Rachel pulled his pants off and his cock was ready for her. She told him she would do things to him that the bitch would never do. He smiled. She took off her clothes to show him how sexy she was. Rachel got on her knees and slowly licked his cock. She took him deep in her mouth. She sat up with him and jerked him. He never had this attention before. He fingered her again making her cum on his hand. Now she told him it was his turn to cum. She got on her knees and sucked and jerked him off on her face. Rachel told him the bitch would never do this because she would mess up her lipstick. He felt so much better after that. Scene 4 - Dumped Again! Rachel had been dumped again! Her son's friend was over for a visit. Rachel stormed in the living room upset. He asked what was wrong. Rachel told him. He told her that maybe her dress was not sexy enough. Rachel thought it was. She also was wearing a sexy undergarment for her date. She took her dress off to show him. He thought she looked so sexy. He told her she was. Rachel looked away. He was starring at her massive tits and soft sexy legs. Rachel noticed and blushed. He told her she was hot. Rachel needed affection and started to rub her hand on his crotch. She unzipped his pants and started stroking his huge young cock. He fingered Rachel making her cum hard. Rachel got on her knees and took his 19 year old cock in her mouth she wanted his cum. He came hard all over her face and in her mouth. Rachel felt sexy again. Stars: Rachel Steele, Kristin

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