Rachel Steele Pantyhose Punishment

Released at: June 11, 2010 by Lakeview Entertainment
Mistress Rachel Steele takes the devoted footboy for a 72 minute nylon infused ride to exhaustion as She delivers non-stop female domination culminating in her tight pussy muscles milking his poisonous seed into a condom which is spread on her ample breasts and fed to the half conscious submissive. In the meantime, he is subjected to intense pantyhose humiliation, pony riding, face sitting, shoe and foot worship and much more. Mistress Rachel Steele is in town and the devoted footboy has arranged a session. She has Her new studded pumps on and begins by having him clean the footwear with his tongue. The sharp studs rub his tongue raw and prepare his mouth for what is to follow. Her shoes aside, She uses a pantyhose gag as horse reigns and makes the now naked submissive ride Her around on the carpeted floor. Ordering him to his back, She inspects his cock and ringed balls with Her talented toes and then rotates on him and puts his love muscle in Her talented mouth to keep him horny as he is humiliated. Rachel rolls off the prostrate footboy and clamps Her strong legs around his neck. Her nylon covered thighs clamp tight and he struggles to breathe with his nose pressed tight into Her pussy. She stands and moves over him, inserting a foot into his mouth and making him worship as he gazes up at Her. She stands him and ties his cock and balls up with pantyhose and then makes him jerk his cock as She spreads on the couch and plays with Herself. The humiliated male is tossed a pair of pantyhose and ordered to put them on. She kicks his legs apart after inspecting his shiny tights and kicks him in the balls over and over. Ms. Steele bends in front of him and has him kiss and suck Her ass through Her pantyhose before returning to kicking footboy's balls. She takes some pity and pulls his pantyhose down to administer some oral salvation to his cock and make him forget his sore balls. Tugging on the pantyhose that are tied to his cock, She gets him very horny and then tells him to kneel. She ties his hands behind him with pantyhose and encases his head in another pair before seating Herself in front of him and moving his nylon encased head between Her legs for oral service through their layers of nylon. The bound and nylon encased submissive had his face ground in Miss Steele's crotch as She spread Her long legs and played with Her enormous breasts. She needed more leverage to humiliate his encased face and dropped to the floor. Turning and twisting She maneuvered his face into several different positions, each more humiliating. Her beautiful, well manicured feet pulled his head tight to Her pussy as he breathed Her scent through the crotch panel against his face. She next appears as he is spread eagled to the cross in the middle of the floor. She has changed into a tight fitting black corset and has Her enormous breasts spilling from the top. Her red high heels step on his face as She seats Herself above the bound male and orders him to lick the bottoms of Her shoes. Now Mistress Steele has Her pussy exposed and She plays with it as She sits with Her feet in footboy's face. She drops down and squats heavily on his face, giving him an enormous sniff and taste of Her freshly exposed pussy. She grinds on him and then turns and demands he clean her completely. He sticks his tongue as far as her hole as possible as she deep smothers him. His cock is still trapped in the shiny tights and she tells him it is time to hurt it. Producing the violet wand, Mistress Rachel stands and adjusts the electricity, gazing down at her spread eagled sub, her sensuous lips curl and she laughs, knowing what is coming next. Mistress Rachel uses the violet wand to electrocute footboy's nipples, cock, and the inside of his legs. The shiny tights spark as She applies the wand and then decides to free his trapped cock. She cuts open his tights and pulls his cock and swollen balls free. She ties them up tightly with a pair of Her used pantyhose. His cock is stiff and sticking straight up as She lies on top of him and rubs Herself up and down the length of his body. She tightens Her legs around his cock and they remain entwined, nylon to nylon, as his cock gets even stiffer. She slides down and sucks it until it is like an iron bar, then slaps a condom on his cock as he moans. She moves over him and drops down, enveloping his shaft in Her tight pussy as he gazes up at his Goddess, bound tightly to the cross on the floor. Mistress Rachel Steele, queen of tease and denial, stops fucking footboy's stiff and bound cock and uses Her talented mouth to suck the head as She rubs Her feet together and hums. She rolls back onto Her bound male submissive and fucks him in bondage for quite some time. Her pantyhose covered ass pumps up and down and She tells him Her pussy is going to milk all his poison out into the condom and he is to ask permission before releasing his load. He can take no more and begs to ejaculate as She squeezes him tight in Her hole. He groans loudly and She laughs and keeps fucking him until She is certain every drop has been removed from his nut sack. She rolls off and uses the tongs to inspect the still hard shaft and condom loaded with his wad. She removes it and pours long streams of his cum on Her gigantic breasts, rubbing them in a bit and then leaning forward so he can lick his own load from Her body.

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