Rebeca Linares & Dirty Harry Bound Rammed Fucked Analed Facialed Collector Scene

Released at: November 16, 2022 by Edge Interactive
Fate has seen to it that Pornstar Rebeca Linares is presented here today wearing a corset, gloves, boots and a belt. Her titties and pussy and bare, exposesd, and she is helpless to block you from touching her. Somebody added nipple clamps and a spreader bar after they chained her arms and legs wide. It pleases Dirty Harry to fondle Rebeca's tits so he does so. It pleases him finger her shaven snatch, when all Rebeca can do is thrash around. Very becomming, because this slave will soon be sucking cock, fucking cock, taking cock up her ass, cleaning it off afterwards, and getting a cum dump on her very pretty face.

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