Red Light Sex Trips Part 2

Released at: October 31, 2014 by Red Light Sex Trips
Our tour operators take sex tourists from all over the world on a guided trip through the Red Light District while recording everything with a camera. With our "Hooker Booker" form you get to choose what your favorite girl looks like and what kind of sex you would like to have with her. The lucky winners are invited to a trip to Amsterdam where our guide will lead you around, ending up at the girl of your choice! This time we meet Ulli who is allergic to rubber: Will we find him a hooker that will fuck without a condom? Norwegian lvind is into dark haired and dark skinned girls. William from Switzerland gets the full treatment from a blonde hooker and Sahid from Egypt enjoyed Sherri's firm ass. Finally our female guide gets so turned on by the antics of Lucio and Sheila that she decides to join them on the bed!

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