Released at: December 13, 2019 by MissaX
India is feeling embarrassed in a stockade style bondage device as her husband, Brad Newman, draws her elegant figure. She laments that her stepson could walk in at any moment, but Brad assures her that it's not possible. He tells her she needs to practice her submission and orders her to call him "Master" instead of "honey." India rolls her eyes, she's not in the mood to roleplay. Brad makes a mistake on his high-quality paper and needs to go to the art store to get a specific eraser. India begs him to unlock her out of the device first, but Brad smirks, "practice your submission." Brad leaves and shortly thereafter his son, Chad White, enters. Chad is shocked, at first, of his mother's situation, but begins to feel aroused. His beautiful and helpless stepmother is there and he takes perfect advantage of the situation. India encourages him with shame, with lust, and with love. Watch the story unfold...

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