Russian Slaves 27

Released at: March 17, 2007 by Nettles Corp.
Part One: Young pretty girl wants to be a member of S/M club "Roughman" in Moscow, Russia. To be a member she should pass very painful and extremely humiliating initiation: whipping by horse whip (36 strokes) on naked posterior. She was tied up to the whipping bench and cruelly whipped upon quite defenseless naked behind. After fifth stroke she started to scream and cry, at the end poor girl was yelling and howling like wild animal. Part Two: See disturbing incidents of corporal punishment in Russia private school for girls, which are in effect now in new Russian society. For smoking on the school premises, the teacher sent three girls to explain themselves to male principal. This usually means severe corporal punishment. First girl was compelled to remove her panties to receive first part of punishment: cruel belting in the disgraced position on her knees bending over the two chairs. Her naked bottom is bounding and wriggling, turning bloody red under the avalanche of shameful, rude, burning smacks. For the second part of her punishment, dreadful caning, she was made to lie down on the table with her panties dragged down. The cheeks of her cringing and huddling bare behind has to stick out so piteously for whipping. Poor victim was screaming her lungs out. Other two girls were whipped on their palms by strap, leaving them in tears, sobbing and crying. They begged and pleaded and became quite frantic when the first strap cruelly touched their delicate unprotected open palms. After six strokes the girls were sobbing and of them was even compelled to wash her mouth with her own panties, soaked in soap! ** Bonus Footage Included**

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