Sasha Skyes 2

Released at: November 27, 2015 by Transational Fantasies
After sending the messenger boy off on an errand, sexy Sasha Skyes has a few minutes to kill before she leaves work. So naturally, she pulls out her big trans girl toy and starts stroking. When the messenger comes back unexpectedly, she's caught off guard, with a stiff one bulging out of her panties. But he's not shocked, in fact he likes what he sees so she puts on a little show for him. She gets her cock hard and invites him to suck it. Then she pulls and tugs at her natural trans girl titties. She even lets the boy suck on her pretty toes, which really turns her on. She continues stroking her big cock and plays with the pre cum that begins oozing out. She has one final task for the messenger boy, to clean up the huge load of jizz she spews all over herself.

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