Schwarze Flamme Berlin 15 - Funfzchnte Lektion: Die Umerziehung

Released at: March 15, 2006 by Inflagranti Film Berlin
This film features two bitches that make sure they dominate their female subs! The first scene takes the idea that working in an office can be quite painful, especially when you are compelled to wear clothespins on your tits, and get your ass spanked until it's pink! The second scene shows how painful it can be to work in an industrial environment. Watch the wax flow all over a beautiful ass, and watch the sexy brunette get tied up and have a dildo rammed in and out of her puss until she has her compelled orgasm!

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Scene1: 00:00:21 - 00:41:37 (41:16)

Scene2: 00:41:38 - 01:26:40 (45:02)