Seduced By The Boss's Wife 9

Released at: August 1, 2017 by Devil's Film

Scene 1: Jimmy is a landlord with an assistant that needs to take care of an apartment that Jimmy owns. Someone just moved out and Seth needs to take care of it, with Jimmy gone and the wife outside getting some sun. He fantasizes that she wants him and fucks him.

Scene 2: When the Rock star husband gets a call to go on tour, the assistant is fresh meat for the wife, who feels lonely and left alone. She wants to have some fun and gets him to fuck her.

Scene 3: Dirk is a handyman that takes care of all the odd jobs around the house. Jack has to leave on a business trip and leaves his beautiful wife behind. She has a List of stuff for Dirk to do, and she is at the top of that list.

Scene 4: Rusty is working on a big project and has to get to the big meeting. He leaves his assistant to finish up the details and his wife has some details of her own that need attending.

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