Sensuous Tales

Released at: January 30, 2007 by LBO
Sex kitten, Cody Nicole passionately relates her most searing love sessions to us. In these boiling interludes of splendor, we're shown the all-around capacity, this captivating love adventuress has for a hot, steamy affair. The pleasures are passionately exposed to us as we watch this incredibly appealing beauty take on every inch of love super stars Eric Edwards, Mark Wallice and others can give. Torrid sex is spread out before us as Cody licks, sucks and takes on the throbbing shaft of her male partners. She experiments with searing back door pleasures and enjoys the full erect attention of two men at once. We are exposed to the pink passion of Cody and her female love mate and how two women can bring a man to the ultimate climax. We can see why "Cody Nicole" is known in the business as "Anything Goes Nicole"!

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