Shane's World 19 - Tropical Paradise

Released at: February 12, 2006 by Shane's World Studios
This is by far the most exotic "Shane's World" ever! The troops packed up and went to Key West for an island orgy. They weren't even unpacked yet and Charmaine, Halli and Eric were determined to find a secluded beach that they could have sex on. They rented some scooters and rode around the island until they found the perfect spot. Once Halli started fingering Charmaine's pussy, Eric's cock was ready to ride. As Charmaine and Eric screwed under the sun, Halli played look out. They got back to the house just as a giant thunderstorm was erupting. Cheyenne had always fantasized about having sex in the rain, so she took Vivian and Chris up to the balcony for a wild, wet encounter. As the lightning crashed, Chris pounded away on Vivian and Cheyenne's pussies. The next day they found some locals to take them to a deserted island to have more sex on the beach. They must have been pretty horny, because they had to walk through shark-infested waters to get to the beach. When they got back to the house, everyone was pretty sunburned, but that didn't stop them from having a giant orgy. It was truly paradise!

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