Simone Alyssa 3

Released at: June 1, 2018 by Transational Fantasies
Smoking hot trans girl Simone Alyssa cums to your gym for some very personal training. Are you ready to teach her some sexy exercises? You have your new student spread her legs wide for you on the weight bench, and you notice a bulge. Turns out she's got just what you were looking for. A big, yummy girl dick. You drop to your knees and wrap your lips around her pretty pole. She wraps her painted fingers around the back of your head and pulls you closer. And when she climbs on the pull up machine, you've got a perfect view of her delicious trans girl pussy. Now get under there and lick! Next, it's time for you to give her ass a workout with a dildo. So, Simone slobbers and chokes on the pink dick before sliding it in her hungry hole. She strokes and pokes herself with the toy until her toes curl and she squeezes out a sticky treat for you to clean up with your mouth.

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