Slutty Wife Happy Life Vol. 5

Released at: December 1, 2020 by Brazzers
Confessions From Suburbia: Lela has the perfect suburban life. The perfect husband, the perfect house, in the perfect neighborhood. There's just one thing missing - getting the sexual satisfaction she deserves. So when she says goodbye to her husband in the morning, she has good morning to a nice cup of Keiran's cock. Her neighbor, Keiran knows exactly how she likes it and isn't afraid to experiment. Lela is ready to confess, confess how much she loves getting stuffed by her big dick neighbor while her husband is out. Wife Insurance: When Jessa married an older man, she didn't exactly think about the problems that may arise with that sort of situation - specifically, in the bedroom. While she's managed to stay faithful to her doting husband for a significant stretch, she's starting to reach a breaking point: if she sees an opportunity to get her fill of hard dick, she just might take it. When Bill, a hot insurance salesman, stops by for a consultation with her hubby, Jessa is finally given a good chance to cheat. Will she take it? Caught On Cumming Camera: Astrid comes home and finds a video camera set up in the living room. Thinking her husband left it out, she decides to put on a little show. Little does she know her husband's friend Johnny came over to film a video application for Brazzer's World. Johnny is delighted to find Astrid fingering herself in the living room and Astrid invites him to fuck her. Astrid soon realizes that Johnny isn't her husband, but she can't help but ride his cock a little longer. It's all fun and games until Astrid's husband gets home!

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Lela Star

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Isis Love

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