Released at: January 7, 2009 by Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment
In "Spankorama" the stories run continuously and in all the full beauty of the original digital recording. So, now, you can see the perfect, clear picture and hear the clean audio you've come to expect with our spanking movies. Even if you have already seen these clips on our members' site you'll enjoy revisiting them in their full rosy glory. The first story is entertains with a little holiday fun: Ashley Fires is an impish elf who ties-up, the stuffed animal Christmas toys she's supposed to wrap-up to load on Santa's sleigh. When Mrs. Claus catches Ashley in her naughty elf mischief, she delivers a Christmas Eve spanking the little elf won't soon forget! Story 2, also featuring Ashley, is a sensual tale of erotic spanking play between the sizzling, sexy blonde and Chelsea. Enticingly dressed in exquisite lingerie, Ashley is not shy concerning her exhibitionist tendencies! Ashley and Chelsea have a delicious sexual chemistry, as seen in the scenes they've done together. This was the first discovery of that special relationship. Stephanie Locke punishes naughty Gia for taking her stern mistress' credit card without permission. Ms. Locke is known world-wide for her talents as a disciplinarian. She does not disappoint in this scenario. Gia is again spanked, but this time as a charming Valentine's Day dalliance. Gia and Ms. Locke had a steamy chemistry between them, which we decided to let play out for the benefit of themselves and, of course, all of you. Eva Barton is a skilled spanker, too! She demonstrates it well on the hapless behind of the beautiful Julie Simone in a "day at the office" story where Julie is a careless secretary. Julie returns the favor, but with a more sensual flare when she and Eva meet again. The two gorgeous women play their sexy best! Asia gets it from Chelsea for breaking a valuable art object. Asia's lithe form and firm bottom are a treat for the eyes as she is thoroughly spanked and then paddled. Asia gets and you can just imagine how angry Chelsea is upon discovering the young beauty passed out in front of a nearly empty bottle of booze! The awesomely lovely Samantha Woodley is spanked...and CANED after donning a bikini and then posing and preening lewdly in Chelsea's front yard. The punishment is severe, but certainly earned. Samantha is back over Chelsea's knee when she comes home from a date so late that it's the morning of the next day and Chelsea's getting ready to leave for work! All in all, you get 8 women in 10's wall to wall spanking with lots of exciting variety!

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