Special Collector's Edition 24 - Kay Lynn & August

Released at: December 29, 2007 by Magic Moments
Kay Lynn (34B-24-36) loves the way 19-year-old August's (34B-26-32) ass looks in a mini skirt with no panties! She passionately licks August's puckering butthole, then glides her long tongue through the juicy crease of her labia lips. Turned on, August tears through Kay's pantyhose and slips her tongue, then a 14" dildo into her steaming vagina! Kay screams as she climaxes! "Stick it up my ass" Kay Lynn begs, so August drives a 4" butt plug up Kay's super-tight ass! With both holes crammed full, Kay cums louder than ever! Afterwards, her butthole gapes open 11/2"! Next, Kay jackhammers August with a dildo and sucks on her clit till she surrenders to a wild, squealing orgasm! In the bathroom, August slips 3 fingers into Kay's insatiable snatch, Kay slides in an additional 3! They pry her pussy open 3" wide so you can see 6" deep! Later, in bed, Kay sucks August's toes passionately as the girls share a thick 2-headed toy in their wet slits! Kay grunts savagely and her face turns beet red as she climaxes super-HARD!!!

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