Stepdad Takes My Virginity

Released at: February 27, 2020 by House of Fyre
Sweet little Alyce is going to prom and her date is a super popular boy who she wants to impress. One problem, she's never had sex before. She is desperate to learn what sex is like so she can be prepared for the sex that always happens after prom. Who could possibly help her with that? Well, Alyce and her stepdad have always been close. She explains the situation to him and at first he seems absolutely mortified but he can tell how important knowing how to have good sex is to Alyce. He agrees to let her first time be with him. After all, he's the man that has loved her and treated her like a daughter ever since she can remember. It starts with a little awkwardness but soon they are passionately fucking as if they were actually a couple. Alyce Loves her Daddy and Daddy loves her back...deeply. He cream pies her young vagina which makes her feel VERY GROWN UP. Now Alyce is ready for prom and will be able to show her date that she is very experienced.

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