Strangling Fantasies

Released at: December 13, 2009 by Jewell Marceau Productions
Jewell Marceau has been waiting anxiously to receive her gifts from her mysterious "cyber lover." When the box arrives Jewell opens it enthusiastically and finds a letter, reads it aloud, and follows the instructions sent by her lover. Inside the box Jewell finds lovely gifts to adorn her lovely feet, neck, and of course her naughty sweet spot! This gets Jewell very excited as she begins masturbating for her cyber lover as he instructs her in the letter. Jewell's breath is taken away as the lovely new choker around her neck begins to tighten as she masturbates. The closer she comes to climax, the more the choker tightens around Jewells' delicate neck. Cum check out what happens next to Jewell when the mysterious intruder arrives! Also enjoy 2 more bonus asphyxia scenes with Jewell Marceau playing different victims while the "intruder" marks his territory with his creamy deposits all over the 3 victims' lips & breasts!

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