Surprise Spa Day

Released at: December 28, 2021 by Fantasy Massage
Masseuse Sabina Rouge welcomes her next client Darcie Dolce to the salon. Darcie brought her own bolster with her as she is a big fan of bolsters and wants it to be used. Sabina is surprised, but she remains professional. Once the massage has started, Sabina appreciates the usefulness of the bolster to the point of wanting to give her an even DEEPER massage. Bunny Colby is out of luck. She recently lost her job and is struggling to cope with all that comes with it. she was REALLY looking forward to a spa day but now she can't afford it. Jezabel Vessir, her best friend, shows up to comfort her friend in times of need. She offered to have the whole experience right there at home! Gia Derza, a masseuse, shows Joanna Angel, her stepmom, around her new massage parlor. Gia offers to give Joanna a massage, wanting her to be her first client since she's always been supportive. Joanna is a bit shy at first, but Gia explains that she really wants to show her appreciation.

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