Sweet Spread

Released at: March 9, 2007 by Video X Pix
Sonya Norman and Jeff Lear contentedly share an apartment and a mutual passion for each other. Everything is going great for them, they both have happy careers and a happy love life. Meredith Worth, an old friend, drops in on Sonya one day. Sonya is not overjoyed to see her old pal. You see, Merry shared an apartment with Sonya's sister Bernice, and Bernice stole Sonya's lover away. To this day, Sonya is still upset about the whole affair. Now the girls are broke and without a place to stay. Reluctantly, Sonya agrees to let them crash at her place while she is on vacation with Jeff. Bernice and Merry arrive with their things just as Sonya and Jeff are leaving. Bernice makes her interest in Jeff known with several sly and seductive glances. Having the apartment all to themselves, the girls want (and need) some hot action. They call the phone company and report a faulty line, then they ring the butcher and ask for some meat to be sent up. When the delivery boy shows up, they see that his meat should be pure filet mignon. They give him a tip that he won't forget. The phone man is next on their list with a connection that is loud and clear! When Sonya and Jeff return, they are greeted by the sounds of lust. Merry is giving the phone man a second helping of her love box. Sonya is shocked and gets herself a drink. Bernice sees the chance and makes her play for Jeff, whisking him off to the bedroom for a quickie. Sonya is completely shattered as Bernice and Merry take their leave of the apartment, with Jeff in tow! Sonya finds herself alone in the apartment with the phone man. She takes the phone man to bed and discovers that he delivers very good service indeed! Featuring performances by Michael Knight, Siobahn Hunter, Carol Cross, Danielle (Martin), Rod Retta and Michael Delong.

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