Sybian Rides 4 Cash - Starla Knight

Released at: October 4, 2010 by ErosArts
My Sybian girl today is Starla. She is a cute brunette who appears younger than her 25 years would indicate. Starla is a stripper and a bit of an attention whore. This is her video debut! A confession from Starla is that she and her boyfriend love having sex in public places - like by the highway! Very quickly into her ride she is close to an orgasm! Oh, no, little girl, not yet! Remember that you are not the one in control. After her first five minutes, she is more than eager to continue her time with me, so she exposes her small tits and we continue the tease session. Maybe I should have warned her that I love tease and denial quite a lot! For the last part of her ride, she removes her wet panties and she is now ready for her orgasms. I let her have one and then offer her the next option: an insertable, rotating dildo. She happily accepts the offer and we are ready to go. To see just how many orgasms Starla is allowed to have, you need to watch and see!

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