Take Thy Punishment

Released at: August 24, 2022 by Universal Spanking
Throughout history, the church has been known for many things, and one of them is the long-standing support of spanking. The idea that the rod should never be spared has echoed throughout auditoriums for centuries inspiring countless bare bottoms to be blazed for even the smallest of infractions, but often to the delight of the ones instructing that spanking be given. Still to this day, in sects around the world, those who follow will carry out stern punishment (often eagerly) to the dismay of girls instructed to bend over for their own well-being. Here we get an inside look at a small church, almost a cult some would say,...that rules over the girls with a stern hand! Claire (Shy Sky) has grown up in this church and corporal punishment has always been the way of life. On any given Sunday she could find herself chastised by one of the teachers, an usher, or any adult for that matter instructing her to accept the harsh discipline that the Lord requires as penance. In this particular instance, Claire is missing during play practice, and with the Christmas play just a day away, the Pastor goes searching all around the church to find her. After great distress and scouring the entire building, the Pastor makes a shocking discovery in an old storage closet deep in the church basement, he finds Claire surrounded by sex toys and other instruments of seduction and passion! The Pastor feels that he must respond to this situation with great force and has Claire kneel in her costume for a hand spanking that immediately begins to color her skin. Next, Pastor peels off the leather belt that he's used for a couple of decades to whip a girl in peril, applying a discomforting heat that Claire has become accustomed to when she strays from the path of righteousness. The leather paddle is then firmly applied, making Claire want to cry out, but she fights to hold her composure, not wanting to give any satisfaction to the man applying the burn to her bare flesh, even as he applies an old split tailed leather strap! The carpet beater, a rubber strap with holes, and a thin wooden stick are all applied to the posterior of Claire by her determined Pastor, he will not give in and accept that her wayward ways will determine her destiny. Claire, now stripped and naked, is not only had to agree to even more strict and frequent spankings but she is also given a butt-clenching paddling with a Lexan paddle with holes. It's this implement that she hates the most because it always has the effect of making her want to submit to the ways of the cult. It's tough to say where Claire goes from here, her discoveries of pleasure are now battling head-on with the traditions of pain that have been instilled in her fertile mind.

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