Teacher's Pet 7

Released at: May 3, 2005 by Notorious Productions
Looking for an A slut who will bang more than your erasers? Hailey is in a serious perdicament. She's about to be dumped a week before the senior prom. Can you imagine being 18 and missing the prom? Unless Hailey learns to take it in the hinder she's not gonna get to go. Not another week of detention! Why is it that redheaded Pason and her goofy boyfriend get into so much trouble at school? And to top it off, look at the knockers on the teacher! There must be something to keep them occupied in detention... perhaps a stiff cock up the ass will keep her alert? Alexis goes to the Lost and Found to find her textbook but finds an overly horny janitor who teachers her what life is really about: If you want something, you got to pay for it - and that includes lost school books. Soma is a teachers aide who notices that old Mr. Peabody is sport quite a hardon whenever she's around. She's curious to see what the old codger is packing... Boy, is she pleasantly surprised!

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