Teen-ie Bikini

Released at: July 20, 2011 by Third Degree Films
Do you go to the beach to check out more than just the waves and sand? Does your heart skip a beat when you see those three little triangles of cloth clinging to a hot girl's body? You're not alone! Let us take you on a surfin' safari you won't soon forget where the bikinis are teenie-weenie and the bodies are as smokin' hot as the sun! There's only one thing these beautiful beach bunny sluts love more than strutting their stuff on the sand, and that's taking it all off! Get inside those itsy bitsy suits with our all-access beach pass and get wet in a whole different way!

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Scene1: 00:01:46 - 00:31:20 (29:34)

Scene2: 00:31:22 - 00:53:23 (22:01)

Scene3: 00:53:24 - 01:13:47 (20:23)


Cammie Fox

Scene4: 01:13:49 - 01:43:46 (29:57)

Scene5: 01:43:47 - 02:11:51 (28:04)