Tegan Jane

Released at: April 12, 2013 by Femorg
Tegan Jane is a pretty, twenty-one year-old blonde with a nice shaved pussy and lovely, large, natural breasts. She's so fucking hot that one can't help but be completely mesmerized by her beauty. Tegan Jane enjoys working in the adult industry - sometimes so much so that she and some of female work partners will masturbate together for real orgasms after their "workday" is done :-) Her favourite porn is explicit photos of herself! Watch her here both hairy and shaved, and even see her large full natural breasts lactate!

The all natural breasted, voluptuous blonde, Tegan Jane, is lying under the bed covers in a fresh bed wearing a bright blue bra. She pushes the covers aside to reveal the matching panties as she starts a slow fondle of her nice assets. Tegan sits up to pull down on her bra straps and move her long hair to her back. She pulls the bra cups down to reveal her very large and brown areolas and nipples. Tegan enjoys hefting her full breasts up to her mouth and licking her large nipples. Then she turns her ass to the camera, kneeling on the bed, to peel down the blue panties. Tegan turns back towards the camera, now naked, to play with her shaved bare puffy pussy. She takes her time, licking and lubing the two fingers that rub her pussy. She inserts a finger into her pussy while her other hand is busy clutching a breast. She has a certain "je ne sais quoi" and Tegan is quite arousing and erotic as she rubs and masturbates her ample pussy. As she revs up, her hips begin to rise and fall off the bed and she softly pants, gasps and moans. Her legs are bent at the knees and her feet are firmly scrunching into the green bed cover. She alternates between a four finger clitorial rub and semi-finger insertion. As she rubs, Tegan says, "Oh. I'm going to cum" and her pussy is indeed becoming very pink! She rubs, bucking her hips, and pulling back on her clit hood as she cums. Her contractions are very soft and faint. She smiles up at the camera as she quickly recovers.

Tegan is lounging on the bed, with her head resting against the leather headboard, wearing a black skirt and purple tank top. She is talking to her friend on the telephone saying she is "super horny and ready for a wank." She discontinues the conversation to gently rub her hands over her calfs and up to her thighs. She rubs her breasts, causing her nipples to become more visible beneath the tank top. She kneels on the bed, exposing her skirt covered bottom and bare pussy to the camera; Tegan is smiling, too. She knows it's sexy. She rolls over to sit on her bottom, pulling the tank top down beneath her breasts to fondle her brown, responsive nipples. With the skirt up to her waist and the tank top down to her waist, Tegan begins her gentle rub of her pussy. Eventually, Tegan pulls the tank top down even further and reaches into the bedside drawer for a metallic purple vibe. She licks the metal vibe, then moves it down to her girlie bits, inserting the vibe deep into her pussy and using her other hand to rub her clitoris and spread her puffy lips. The camera pans out for a full body view of Tegan and she pants and gasps, smiling up at the camera. Momentarily ignoring the camera, and closing her eyes, Tegan inserts the toy deeply into her vagina and starts stroking and rubbing and rocking. Tegan does her best to keep eye contact with the camera, coyly biting her lip, licking her lips and hissing and moaning and she smiles, saying, "Oh. I'm gonna cum." With her fingers rubbing her clitoris and the other jiggling that vibe all around inside, Tegan starts to pant. Her nipples perk up and a sex flush spreads across her chest as she grunts and pants in ecstasy. She pulls the toy out of her pussy, spreading her pinkness wide apart with her hot pink painted fingernails.

Tegan is seated in an oversized comfortable chair in the office - and her "To Do" list includes "Buy Sexy Outfit" and "Wank in the office". She is busy typing away on her laptop. She is wearing a black skirt, black stockings, black high heels and white button-up blouse that really does not contain all of her ample bosom. She slips off the high heels, noting, "I've been in the heels all day." Then she squeezes her breasts, and then slowly unbuttons the white blouse. She squeezes her nipples and they immediate perk up and respond. At the cameraman's suggestion, she clutches one of her breasts to lick her nipples and swirl the wetness around with the tip of her finger. She rolls over onto her kneels, putting her back side to the camera. She isn't wearing any panties under that flouncy black skirt! She snaps the garter belts holding up her stockings across her bottom, then pulls down the skirt, taking it off completely. Tegan is now wearing nothing except for a black garter belt and black thigh high stockings. She has turned herself back around in the oversized tan chair to face the camera, spread wide at the hips. She reaches for a teal blue buzzy toy and slowly applies some lube, first to her fingers, then to her pussy, then to the tip of her toy. She starts the toy and works it up and down and all over her clitoris. She inserts the toy into her pussy, then finger rubs her clitoris, while seated and stealing glances directly into the camera. She smiles as she bits her bottom lip, softly gasping. Her nipples are still quite perky, and I don't think it's because it's cold in the room. Tegan keeps her hips, fingers and toy in motion as she masturbates. She whimpers and moans softly. She licks her fingers and applies the saliva to her clitoris, firmly pressing. She whispers something about getting ready to cum as she more firmly presses and rubs her clitoris. She gasps as she goes over the edge and this orgasm is captured from a slightly aerial, full body perspective. As she pulls the toy out, the camera moves in for a pussy closeup, then pans up to her smiling face as she waves a good-bye kiss to us.

For the next scene, several months later and Tegan is back in the bedroom. She wearing thigh-high black stockings and a purple and black lacy bra and panty set. She smiles as she tosses the bra to the floor. She lies back, slipping a hand into her panties and rubbing. Still lying on her back, Tegan reaches down to pull off the panties - and guess what?! She has a nice furry, hairy pussy now! It's a very light shade of brown and full. Tegan reaches for her purple metallic vibe, inserting the tip to her mouth and getting it lubed. She turns on the toy and immediate strokes fast up and down on her clitoris before inserting the toy deep into her pussy and stroking hard. She bounces and rocks her hips up and down as her feet dig into the bed. Tegan pulls the toy out of her pussy, pressing the tip into her clitoris and working it all around. Her outer labia are swelling slightly. Tegan turns off the vibe, reaching for a bottle of baby lotion. She applies a few drops to her mound, rubbing it in and massaging herself. The camera pans in for a closerup view of Tegan's hairy and spread open vagina, then pans back out as she fires up the magic wand. Tegan's head is propped up on pillows as she curls upward bouncing into the toy. Gasping, Tegan says, "Oh. I'm going to cum for you." She gasps and moans, then throws her head way back on the pillows moaning as she cums really hard. Another "victim" to the amazing power of the magic wand. The orgasm is captured in full body view, but even from this slight distance, her pussy contractions are quite obvious. She rides out that orgasm, then turns off the toy smiling at the camera. She spreads her hairy lips wide in closeup view for the camera.

Sitting on the bed, Tegan is naked, as she introduces herself to us saying that she is "... making sure she orgasms for you. I'm just going to relax and go for it." Big smile. Tegan bends over to rub her long, lean, legs from the toes up, then she squeezes hard on her big naturals. She rolls to her side, massaging her thighs, rolls back onto her back, spreading her legs wide, showing off that furry pussy, then licks her nipples with her tongue. Only after the warm-up session does Tegan slowly begin to press and rub on her clitoris. And after a sufficient finger warm up, Tegan reaches for her new favourite toy, the magic wand. With the wand on for only a minute or two, she is already panting and hissing and rocking her hips up and down into the big head of the toy. She is whimpering, softly panting and moaning in quick order, too. She says, "Oh fuck, I'm going to cum for you." And then she lets out high pitched gasps, lots of moans and lots of nice strong, clamping, squeezing contractions. She turns off the toy to touch her pussy as the camera moves in for a closeup.

The natural breasts and lactation fans are going to get a kick out of this scene! Tegan is sitting in the living room wearing a blue tank top. She lets us know that she woke up this morning with really full boobs and that she is going to express them for us and allow us to watch. She perks up her nipples, squeezing milk out, then presses her breast firmly between her two hands, from the sides, expressing more and more milk which is going everywhere and dripping down onto her tank top and skirt. She does the same with the left breast. Next Tegan milks both breasts, simultaneously squirting her milk everywhere! After she is finished expressing her milk, she leans back on the sofa, hiking her skirt up. And, once more, Tegan isn't wearing any undies underneath that short plaid skirt. Her pussy is hairy as one hand rests on her mound and the other is clutching and squeezing her breasts as she continues to squeeze that milk out. Tegan confesses that expressing her breast milk and getting all wet is really making her horny and she is ready to give herself a big orgasm. She fingers her pussy, then turns on the magic wand going straight for her clitoris. Instantly Tegan is hissing, whimpering and moaning. "Ooooh. Aaaah. Oooh. Aaaah." As she rocks up and down on the toy, she says, "Oooh. This is going to make me cum." Her moans take on a higher and higher pitch and her pussy starts contracting for a long time and really hard as she rides the toy gently over her clitoris for a long time. Nice. The camera moves in for a closeup of that pink pussy. Then we fade to Tegan continuing to extract breast milk, licking her lips. She gives us a nice wave good bye, saying, "See you soon."

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