The All New Shagnasty And Muttley Show

Released at: April 14, 2010 by Television X
Those randy reprobates shag and mutt are back on the street, pulling saucy slappers with their dodgy schemes!

In fly your frillies, Randy's latest scam to part sexy babes from their panties gets a thumbs down from Gilly Sampson. But horny Heidi will do anything for trip to sunny Spain.

In match-a-snatch, having nominated Dirty Miss Danni as his snatch of the day, Randy rides the busty slut like an epileptic mountain goat on a bouncy castle!

In pantie-guard, stan's new aerosol spray has a funny effect on dirty girl Kimberly's lady garden, Randy steams in and gives it a dose of his protein-packed spunk fertilizer!

Next Stan goes for the world knicker-knotting record, but as usual it's randy who gets to do the business with a knickerless ferne, while Stan once more goes home with sticky underpants!

Then in Derma Vag, Stan's new wrinkle cream works a treat when Randy applies it to Carmen's private places. The horny old reprobate soon gets stuck gets stuck in and enjoys shagging the arse off a top bit of kitchen crumpet.

British porn at its funniest-and its filthiest!

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Scene9: 01:58:02 - 02:04:50 (6:48)