The Love Couch - Remastered Grindhouse Edition

Released at: December 16, 2011 by After Hours Cinema (Adult)
In the spirit of the omnipresent fly on the wall, a transient couch provides us glimpses of th4e "action" it has seen over its lifetime. In Scene 1, as told from the couch's point of view in a psychiatrist's office, the psychiatrist finds that her patients are reluctant to take her advice, especially about their sexual behavior. Lacking confidence in their ability to develop genuine sexual relationships, the patients undergoing therapy on Dr. Benway's love couch hide behind all sorts of reasons to avoid active pursuit of the thing they want most--good, healthy sex with their partners. Instead, a whole lot of transference is going on in this office. Patients put their lustful feelings into action with Dr. Benway . . . and a good, therapeutic time is had by all in this doctor-patient consultation! As the couch moves from owner to new owner, we are regaled with new stories of sex on the love couch.

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Scene1: 00:01:01 - 00:09:47 (8:46)

Scene2: 00:09:47 - 00:16:22 (6:35)

Scene3: 00:16:22 - 00:28:21 (11:59)

Scene4: 00:28:21 - 00:38:18 (9:57)

Scene5: 00:38:18 - 00:44:17 (5:59)

Scene6: 00:44:17 - 00:50:14 (5:57)

Scene7: 00:50:14 - 01:03:47 (13:33)

Scene8: 01:03:47 - 01:18:55 (15:08)