The Secret Of My $ex-cess

Released at: May 4, 2009 by VCX
He started out with a couple of strikes against him: he was poor, and from the wrong side of the tracks. But what he did have going for him was hanging right between his legs - in fact it was hanging almost down to this knees. And he was smart. At least smart enough to know that most of the guys above him in the company had wives and girlfriends whose incessant carnal needs and insatiably deep sensual desires gave him the chance to work some of his "behind the scenes" humpin' and bumpin' magic. One by one he gave them the most exquisitely exciting sexual interludes they'd ever experienced, and they loved him for it - again and again. So much so that before long, executive doors suddenly began to open. He began to swiftly climb the corporate ladder and soon had the office right next to his boss. All the other guys snickered that he'd gone as far in the company as he could, but what they didn't know was that the boss's wife had just invited him for tea on the yacht...

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