The Ticklehunters - Gspot Bags Tickledick

Released at: February 27, 2008 by LL&L Video Productions
G-spot was busting our balls for not bringing her on the first hunt. We got her in the car and took a drive looking for some guy for her to tickle and right away we got lucky and ran into one of her former male lees. He didn't want any part of her at first. He knows shes crazy and he said hes way to ticklish but she bribed him with promises of a handjob tickle and he got into the car. She fucking wrecked the poor guy. She found a new ticklish spot on him (his ass) and she wouldn't leave it alone despite his pleas for mercy. She tickled his ass till the sun went down and tormented the poor guy like you can't belive. He kept saying "fuck" and she kept saying "are you calling me a fuck?" and just really poured it on. Nothing was spared at all, his feet, sides, neck, face, balls and yes she started to wank him and tickle him at the same time and just when he was going to cum, she dropped his dick and said no way am I letting you cum and she just hammered him again. Harsh!

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