The Tool Box Abductions Volume 2 - Fetish Shop

Released at: May 2, 2007 by ZFX Productions
When pretty girls come into Earl's upholstery to have their seats done, it is often their asses which get tanned instead! You see Earl and his cousin Burl have turned Earl's Upholstery into a make shift fright chamber, which they keep stocked with a bevy of squirming beauties carefully selected from their most attractive and hapless female customers. In this episode, Earl abducts petite, big-breasted blonde Stephanie, who comes by to have an estimate done on her car's worn upholstery. Earl was already considering grabbing this one, but it became unavoidable when Stephanie takes a wrong turn out of the bathroom and stumbles on one of Earl's naked and writhing captives tied spread-eagle to a bed spring. Her doubtless suffering recorded by the video camera mounted nearby. Shocked and frightened by her discovery, Stephanie is easily subdued and soon finds herself strung up and flogged as the 2 other lovely captives in Earl and Burl's twisted shop of horrors look on, enduring their own fevered, terrifying experiences. Will these poor damsels in distress ever escape? Will Earl, and Burl's luck ever run out? Find out for won't be sorry!

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