There's Something About Jack 2

Released at: August 8, 2000 by West Coast Productions
**Carmen**, Have you ever answered a "Swingers Ad? "White couple seeks 2 well hung black guys to screw wife"! Can you believe fucking this babe for free!" **Lalani**, What happens when a hot ass coed hits your car and don't want her father to find out? Don't worry we worked it out! Her pussy was incredibly tight! **C.J. Bennett**, I met this hard body at the gym. At my place I gave it to her hard! She loved every bit and begged for it in back! **Lydia**, I don't usually cruise for street hookers, but this Russian pimp gave me an offer I couldn't refuse. This hooker let me do whatever I wanted. Hey it was a lot of fun making this video, let me know what you think. ~~Jack~~

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