Tied & Tickled Classics Part 7

Released at: July 7, 2010 by California Star Productions
The tickling phenomenon has made its way into many aspects of today's society. The entertainment world finds the bondage and tickling fantasy ideally suited to the needs of a receptive audience. Beautiful bound starlets take their turn beneath the spotlight and the tickling fingers of deranged devotees (Le Tickle Shoppe, Tickle Me Pink!). And in science, tickling techniques continue to open new doors of understanding. Dr. Frankentickle has created a monster designed to aid him in his relentless quest for the elusive 'T' spot (Frankentickle). Inmates in women's prison are subjected to ticklish interrogation (Fickle Finger of Fate). And excess pounds are tickled off bound beauties at a bizarre health spa (Tickling Gym). Since all these people are having all this fun, why not let your fingers do all the walking?

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