Tied Up and Tickled

Released at: October 12, 2020 by Desert Wind Studios
The old man is so lucky. He has not shot a video with Scarlett for over two years. She just kind of disappeared. Well, she is back and the old guy can not wait to tie her up and tickle her hot MILF body. He really missed not have a real ticklish girl for his videos. He has her tied up on a conforable chair in his bedroom. She does not seem to mind as he has tickled her before. He starts out behind her, tickling her under the arms, her ears and reaching inside her dress to play with her tits as he tickles her. He uses a bunch of instruments but his favorite is the electric toothbrush which she seems to like also. Then he gets between her legs and uses the brush on her inter thighs and panties. It looks as if her favorite might be the small pink vibrator though. She loved in on her panties and really got into it when he took her panties off and put in on her wet pussy. You will really love watching her cum using that vibrator. Let's hope Scarlett does not go missing for two years again soon.

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