Truth Or Dare

Released at: September 19, 2020 by TROUBLEfilms
Truth, or... dare? TROUBLEfilms is back with a whole new take on the slumber party staple. This is a virtual orgy shot inside the bedrooms of TROUBLEfilm's sweetest sluts. They taunt and tempt each other with so much lust, you can really feel it through the screen. Lita Lecherous finds ways to lovingly humiliate her crushes Estella and Chelsea, while also getting switched on by Drake and dared to sit on a Hitachi for the remainder of the game. This, my virtual party-goers, is only the first 10 minutes of an hour-long dive into the world of cybersex, and the fears and fantasies being lived out on the supersonic highway of lockdown love. Sinn Sage and Miss Mary Jane face off in a cum contest that electrifies the game, taking everyone to some new heights. Soon, Chelsea's spanking herself with a dick in her mouth, Estella is double-stuffing in a hot pink faux fur coat, and Drake is licking and sucking Sinn's strap on cock for the first time ever. In a final twist, he joins her in her virtual Truth or Dare square for some hardcore penetration and cum-eating while everyone else watches and jerks off. Oh, and the "truths" are good too!

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